Monday, January 7, 2013

Round Robin 2012, The End (well, almost)

My re-entry back into the world of stitching brought many new discoveries.  I saw a finished picture of Chatelaine’s Knot Garden on a blog.  Google led me to a site full of patterns I had to have and the Chatelaine Yuku forum.  My timing was pretty good, as the moderators were just organizing a Chatelaine Smalls Exchange.  I chose to stitch the centre pond motif from Konstantinople Mandala and finished it as a bicornu.  Rachel from New York was picked as the recipient of my very first smalls.  I was nervous – would she like it, was my stitching ok, were my first Rhodes stitches well done?  Oh God.  I waited impatiently for her to receive it and so doing, found her blog, which I started stalking.  It just so happened that Rachel was participating in a Mirabilia Round Robin at the time.  (You were wondering what this all had to do with the Mira RR, weren’t you?  Be honest.  I know I’m a wee bit long winded.) 

I was hooked.

A second Mira RR group was started for 2012, and so I was able to join in.  Our group included another stitcher from Canada, two stitchers from Australia and four from the U.S.  Our respective pieces went round and round until everyone had stitched on each piece.  My last piece to stitch on was Jocelyn’s, who had chosen patterns for her design that evoke internal peace.  Madonna of the Garden was the pattern left to stitch, which worked for me for many reasons.  Here is Jocelyn’s finished piece, just before it was mailed.  I was a bit rushed taking the picture, but it gives you a good idea of how beautiful the piece is.
But even more exciting for me was seeing a picture of my piece, posted on Facebook by Debra, the final stitcher.  I can’t wait for it to arrive home!  My theme was fairies and I left it open to the stitchers to choose which ones to do.  I’m so incredibly happy with what everyone chose and I really like that all of the fairies are brunettes, or sort of brunettes, like me.  I've had all of those hair colours over the years.   I have a few crystals to add to the centre and to my fairy (Fairie Treasures, bottom centre) and then I’ll be trying my hand at framing on my own.  I'll post another picture then.

And so the 2012 Mirabilia Round Robin is done.  Well, almost.  Neither Jocelyn’s nor my piece have yet made it home.  And with Canada Post, one never knows…


  1. Dear Julie,
    Am I actually your first follower?? How cool is that!?!

    You did beautifully on your first RR. I can't wait to stitch with you in our Mira large-stitch.
    *hugs and stitches*
    ~ Karen

    1. Hi Karen!

      You are indeed my first followed and I'm very happy you are! I'm stitching away on my RR right now and I can't wait for you all to stitch on it.



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