Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I'm back! Probably. Maybe.

Ah, blogging…

I've started writing a new post so many times over the last year. The last year! It’s hard to believe how quickly it went. I've even debated whether it was worth it to actually keep a blog I update so infrequently. And yet every time, I find myself remembering exactly why I wanted a stitching blog in the first place.

I want, no, I NEED a stitching diary.

I admit, I stitch in starts and fits. I’ll have stitching marathons, where I’ll stitch for upwards of 30 hours in a single week (3 or 4 hours per weeknight, and then most of the day on both Saturday and Sunday). The sore shoulders will remind me that I’m no longer as young as I used to be (and send me to websites on various needlework stands), but the results. Oh, the results. And other times, I’ll barely stitch 30 hours in a month. There are times when (gasp!), I just don’t feel like stitching. Or I’m tired. Or busy. Or the house is so dusty even I can’t stand it anymore. Or [really, insert any reason here].

When I do get back to stitching (as I always do, because I do love stitching), I often don’t want to go back to those “old” projects. There are times when it was the project that sent me running (cough, Polar Mandala’s over one centre, cough), but other times, well, I can’t explain it. I love Siren and the Shipwreck. Ditto, Gypsy Mermaid. But I haven’t really felt like stitching on them in quite a while. When I think back on the last year, excepting the last couple of months, it sort of feels as if I've barely stitched, much less finished anything.

But the opposite is true. I've actually had some finishes. Some were smaller, some were bigger. Some were RRs, some were my own pieces and some were gifts. We will not talk about the unfinished pieces, may they rest in peace until I feel like working on them again.

A new start is just so motivating and, well, fun. There is nothing quite like putting a new piece of fabric in the Q snaps and seeing those crosses spread across the fabric. Which is why I let myself get talked into starting 15 projects in 15 days for 2015. My stitchy friends admittedly didn't have to try very hard to convince me and so (let’s all cross our fingers) I will be posting quite often these next couple of weeks. I will also be taking better pics of my finishes. And my new starts. The ones I've already started. Before I start 15 more. Sigh. 

And so I wish you all a very happy New Year. May all your stitching hopes and dreams come true!


  1. Hello there. It's always lovely to start the new year full of stitching dreams isn't it. I look forward to seeing your photos.

  2. Happy New Year! Nice to see you making a blog post :) Don't be too hard on yourself, you just stitch and blog when you feel like it and try to enjoy it when you do. It's a hobby after all, an escape from the stresses of life, so if it's becoming a source of stress then stepping away for a while is no bad thing!

    I wish you well will your challenge, if you don't make it, don't worry, just find something that is fun to stitch on and go with it!

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